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deeside skatepark session times forex

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It is important that these successes are celebrated. This troubling situation should not be ignored. What we also need to acknowledge, however, is the sterling work that continues to be carried out across a wide range of sectors in the North-east. For those of you who are suffering from award scheme fatigue, I urge you to read This brings me nicely to my next point: supporting others.

One of the few positive outcomes of the downturn is that is has encouraged many businesses to connect, who might otherwise never have done so. It has also helped to create an air of solidarity. So, a plea: If a business you know or deal with is shortlisted for an award, help them to celebrate it. Drop them an email, lift the phone, congratulate them on LinkedIn, or share the announcement about their finalist status.

Be supportive, be inspired and be proud to be part of a business community that continues to demonstrate star quality in the face of adversity. The international film festival presented films from over 74 countries. The pioneering research will determine what an exceptional fundraising leader looks like. Any fundraising leaders who can help should contact linda zenithconsultingservices. Business School students now benefit from access to the Bloomberg Terminal, a software platform that provides realtime and historical data, market-moving news and analytics to help leading business and financial professional make better informed investment decisions.

The service also features execution platforms for every asset class, research and a global network to communicate securely and reliably. Students will experience what life is like for the , leading banks, corporations and government agencies around the world who already use the software, giving them real-world experience that will enhance their career prospects.

From inboxes heaving under the pressure of messages about updated privacy policies and increasingly desperate requests to check your preferences, to memes and hashtags online, it became harder and harder to escape coverage and discussion about the new European data protection regime.

But what now? Where do we go from here? And how does the regime impact businesses at home and abroad? Of course, we spoke a lot about treating personal data as property. And beyond the immediate effective date, we spoke about the need to think of GDPR compliance as an ongoing, evolving process, rather than a snapshot in time. Recently in Stockholm, we met with fellow members of Lawyers Associated Worldwide LAW , an association of independent law firms from more than 50 countries: swapping notes and comparing approaches to the legislation.

A clear theme from that session is that firms of all sizes from around the world caught by the regulation — from multinational firms based in the US and Canada to start-ups keen to crack the European market — are focused on GDPR compliance too. Unfortunately, there is no definition of occasional and no definitive guidance.

So far, our work with international organisations has included assessments of personal data processes to look at the need to comply with GDPR and advising on revisions to website policies and procedures for compliance. Clients have included an international auction website, USfocused international news and lifestyle websites, as well as a US-based music business. Meanwhile, the tour continues. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, or contact my partner Kirk Tudhope with any data protection-related queries.

THE skills and entrepreneurship which are seemingly inherent in the North-east population have ensured that companies and individuals from this area have, for centuries, had a global impact. In those days the exports were hides, furs, wool and fish. It was to buy Japanese green tea that Thomas James Glover, the son of a Bridge of Don coastguard officer, travelled to Nagasaki in aged just The Scottish Samurai, as he was known, became a key figure in the industrialisation of Japan, helping to found the shipbuilding company which became the massive Mitsubishi Corporation.

More recently it is the energy industry in which those from the North-east have made a global impact but Aberdeen has also been the birthplace of world-leading companies in a range of sectors from finance to transport. So, what is it that makes the Northeast such a successful base from which to build a global business?

Until Aberdeen had two long established and thriving universities - precisely the same number which served to educate all of England. The city became a two-university town once again in when university status was granted to the Robert Gordon University.

Aberdeen is second in the UK for the number of patents filed per capita. Craig Group has evolved along similar lines. With our rich maritime heritage, we diversified to capitalise on the discovery of oil in the North Sea, converting our fishing fleet into standby vessels to support the emerging offshore industry in the seventies. The deal has created a new, larger and more innovative organisation with much more capability.

Now known simply as Wood, we are a truly international project, engineering and technical services business of 55, employees, working in 60 countries around the world. Our headquarters are here in Aberdeen, our home, representing our vote of confidence in the world outside London and the pride we feel in our North-east roots. They enjoy the outstanding standard of living in the area, the countryside and the clean environment, friends and family and, at least for me, the golf courses.

Secondly, the education system — schools as well as the universities - produces high quality job applicants who can be recruited to help grow your business. Thomas Blake-Glover was originally from Aberdeenshire. The North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Company, which was formed in to lend money to Scottish farmers who had emigrated to Canada, was the investment trust that helped create Aberdeen Asset Management.

In more recent years, Peter Cashmore from Banchory set up Mashable from his bedroom when he was still a teenager. Growing up in Asia led me to have a love and fascination with the region and other parts of the world. We built our business in Aberdeen and grew it globally; but Aberdeen still remains my base.

Expertise and technology honed in the North Sea were soon being exported to other provinces and Craig Group too became an international business. Over the years we have acquired and divested of divisions and currently our oilfield procurement division provides third party procurement services to oil and gas firms in over 20 countries.

Skills and products, developed here in Aberdeen, are sought after globally and our businesses, supported by economic development agencies, have learnt how to export them successfully. Ian laid the foundations of a business and a culture on which we are building a new, larger, stronger company across a broader range of sectors. It is not just about the talented people we employ, though that is one good reason for being here.

It is also about spreading more of the wealth and opportunity that can be created by businesses like ours up and down the UK. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners in Aberdeen and beyond as we start on the next stage of what promises to be an exciting journey. It is the third time that the independent hotel has triumphed in this category and its latest success adds to a growing list of accolades won by the west end hotel since it opened in The establishment and its culinary team have now been awarded more than 20 accolades.

The Chester Hotel is the only property in the city to be awarded a four-star silver rating from the AA; in addition, it has two AA Rosettes and a recommendation in the Michelin Guide for fine dining in its IX Restaurant. The project, funded by Advance HE and based at RGU, will investigate how higher education institutions support current and aspiring women leaders, from the viewpoint of both the institutions and the women themselves.

It is designed to be of benefit to both the higher education sector in the UK and members of Advance HE through the generation of data and findings that can inform policy and highlight best practice. With the current focus on gender pay equality, it is important for the university sector to have a clear picture of the support offered to women leaders and those who aspire to leadership in our higher education institutions.

We are extremely proud of all of our kitchen team, who consistently deliver excellence and who are helping shape and influence the fine-dining scene in Aberdeen. None of us could have carried on without the bond which exists within crews, and every life we saved was a crew achievement. When the station merged with the all-weather lifeboat base at Waterloo Quay in , Bill joined the second crew too.

A veteran of more than rescues, he retired from active crew service at the age of 60 in but immediately began volunteering as a deputy launching authority before, in , being invited to take up his present role as lifeboat operations manager at Aberdeen Lifeboat Station. Whatever your intention, fully understanding the value of the business in question is an important and useful exercise, allowing you to make the right decisions. In relation to the valuation of private businesses there are three principal methodologies; dividend yield valuation which is often used to value minority shareholdings.

For interests in small unquoted businesses, where payment of dividends has been inconsistent in the past and cannot be assumed with any certainty in the future, a dividend-based valuation would not be appropriate. A net asset valuation which is more applicable to investment companies than ongoing trading companies. When considering the value of a business the first thought of any valuer should be to consider the legal contracts which exist between the owners of a business be that, company articles of association, shareholders agreement or any other formal agreements.

These legal contracts can be complex, however a full understanding of any requirements or conditions set out in these documents is essential to arriving at an appropriate value. However, net assets can be used as a useful cross check to an earnings based approach for trading businesses where the relevant owner is such that the owner could affect the winding up of the company. The most common approach for valuing a profitable trading business is an earnings basis which uses the future maintainable earnings of the business, to which an appropriate capitalisation factor i.

At AAB we have a dedicated team of experts who can prepare valuations for companies, partnerships and sole traders. We understand that each business is unique and because of this they each require a bespoke valuation service, tailored to their requirements. To deliver this, we combine our specialist valuation skills with our commercial and market knowledge gained on the back of advising numerous clients on the sale of their businesses.

The right blend of sector experience and professional judgement makes a difference to what can be a controversial and complex subject. Whether you are looking to create, unlock or understand the value of your business — our team are here to help. From its inception in , Matrix immediately adopted an international focus. In reality, there is nothing to stop SMEs from casting their customer net wider. Before jumping in, however, here are three key questions to ask: Is your product or service transferable to the international arena?

Sounds obvious? Even the big guys can get this one wrong. Its new American customers purchased vases as water glasses because the European-size ones were too small to accommodate their preference for ice. The Swedish giant has since learned from its mistakes: six years of market research preceded the opening of its first Korean store. Matrix has also had to take country and cultural differences into account with our own service offering — We therefore had to take our own offering back to basics in terms of teaching safety management and investigation skills.

Who can you seek support from? Seek as much help as you can, as early as you can. Advice and access to market research is available via agencies such as Business Gateway, Scottish Enterprise and, of course, our Chamber of Commerce.

Be prepared to think beyond the obvious too. Keep a keen eye open for fresh opportunities also. Tourism in the area is set to receive a major boost from Aberdeenshire Council with the launch of a new fund to develop events to celebrate Homecoming Scotland Established events can also apply if they can demonstrate additional features promoting Homecoming to visitors. For further information please e-mail economic. Library members can create an account online using a library number and email address and join within minutes.

However if you have any to report, remember the online service which can be used to report anything from a pothole to blocked gully, faulty street lighting, road markings, manhole cover problems, fallen trees, grass cutting. Just go online www. We all depend on the sorting office being in Ballater and for many, the Post Office is a vital part of their business with parcels being sent out daily to a multitude of destinations.

I am not at all impressed with the lack of communication from the Royal Mail in particular! Under the legislation, the Royal Mail has to deliver daily but we all know that with the ridiculous forms of transport provided to our wonderful posties, the winter months can pose a serious challenge for even the most dedicated!

We must have a sorting office in Ballater and please be assured that any attempt to move it away will be fiercely fought by me on your behalf! Relationships with the Post Office are better — at least they communicate! They are working hard to find a suitable location and then we have to ensure that it continues to provide the services Ballater folk need!

I am now working with Parliamentary colleagues to try and sort out the Royal Mail! Watch this space. For many years, Edward was our Postie here at Clunie Cottage. He was unfailingly reliable and I always enjoyed our chats as the familiar sight of his red van swung into our drive whatever the weather. He will be sadly missed not just by the Blackett family but by all those to whom he delivered mail here in Braemar. His loss to the Ballater Games Committee will be hard to fill and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Many of our beleaguered small businesses have been telling me they have to work twice as hard as they did ten years ago just to stay afloat. The Director who came over from the United States assured us all that this new venture was not for business folk to hide away in meeting rooms, never venturing into Ballater but for families who WILL come and enjoy all the lui restaurant at the glen lui hotel Open all year round, our restaurant offers fine wine and freshly prepared food in a glorious woodland setting with views across the golf course to the mountains.

Relax and enjoy the view at the Glen Lui. Weddings and Celebration Meals welcome. Lunches served 12 noon - 2pm Dinners 6pm - 9pm 14 Invercauld Road, Ballater Telephone www. So hopefully there will now be an increase in visitor numbers and an increase in what they spend with you. Fingers crossed. Over the last 18 months the committee overseeing the project has staged a number of musical events to bring the building and its acoustic characteristics to the attention of the wider public.

Many of you will already know our own renowned traditional Scottish fiddler Paul Anderson from Tarland - he plans to establish an international centre for Scottish fiddle music in the building where there will be workshop, teaching, archive and performance space.

So how does this impact on Ballater I hear you ask. Well firstly, there is nowhere better to spend a few hours than at this venue, listening to superb music! So please come along next time there is a concert! Long term, the visitors attracted to this hub will need places to stay, places to eat and shops to spend their money in. I sincerely hope the benefits will be felt far and wide in Upper Deeside not least in Ballater. I am always here to help you. Please feel free to email me at cllr.

I look forward to hearing from you. Qualified Fully Insured Free Estimates call: e: deesidetreecare gmx. It has been another hectic few months. The Park Board is to have a more direct role with the residents, businesses and visitors to the park. I think this is very important and for us to listen to what everyone wants of the park.

There will be more evening meetings to meet members of the public to get their opinions and views on the park. Members of the CNPA from all over the park will attend these meetings so the public can meet more than just the local members. The first meeting in Braemar will have taken place by the time the Eagle is printed but I will update you in the next issue as to how it went. There have been various events all over the park this year, celebrating our tenth anniversary.

If you would like to join any of the huge range of activities, visit www. There is everything from an Equine extravaganza, to a street gallery exhibition, a mushroom meander and the Half Braemarathon! We had our golf clubs, mountain bikes and walking boots with us for a full weekend! This was quite a steep climb for a start off but after a bit of huffing and puffing we all made it! Then we set off up an old track which was even steeper, so it took us a fair while and yet more peching!

We eventually got to the top and headed straight down hill through the Baluain Wood. This was great and pretty fast but well worth it as the views looking down past Blair Atholl towards Killiecrankie were fantastic. We then started another climb which took us to the Falls of Bruar. This is a popular walk for visitors from the House of Bruar. The path is really good but we decided as we were on the bikes to take the land rover track down the opposite side of the Bruar Water.

This was a steep run down onto the B road which led us back into Blair Atholl. Though it only took about two hours, we covered around 15 miles. We then had our lunch and off to the Games for the afternoon. It was a glorious sunny day, with lots to watch in the ring but we made sure a visit to the CNPA stand was included, and a glass of beer from the Cairngorms Brewery was enjoyed by everyone.

When you read this, after five years of plotting, planning consulting and heavy duty fundraising, the first stage of our refurbishment will have started. This will see the entrance hall and stairs, kitchen and toilets of the Albert Hall upgraded from top to bottom. It has taken longer than anticipated to start the work, and we envisage completion by the end of October.

This will mean that the cooperation of all Halls users is essential, but we will try to keep disruption to a minimum, and we owe a huge debt of thanks to those user groups who have accommodated us. Fundraising — we have been very lucky to access considerable public funding from several sources — in particular from the Cairngorms National Park Authority Leader funding, and from Aberdeenshire Council.

In addition the Halls Development Association has several events planned over the coming months — Lottery Draw — will have commenced by the time you read this through to December - contact treasurer Willie Meston at Coilacriech Inn for information.

Paul Hughson — Paul was a popular entertainer G. Electrical All electrical work undertaken and carried out by time served electricians. See the advertisement in the Eagle for further information. Pre-Christmas Table Sale — early December — date to be confirmed. Make a start on your presents! Summer Ball for the Halls — Jenny Gow has agreed to help us with an event in , possibly using our newly refurbished Function Suite in the Albert Hall.

Discussion later in the year. We do have to work on sound quality, but watch this space — Ade Scripps has a plan! Website — www. Contact — The hall-keeper now has a dedicated mobile phone to receive messages about the Halls. Please only use in an emergency - Mob. The nominated duty member can be contacted on for any other queries.

Finally — the reorganisation of the Halls management arrangements are nearly complete. A Board of Directors will be needed to carry on with the next stages of refurbishment, manage the Halls and keep them in good order for the community into the future. Please consider seriously what you can do to help.

There was also a round of the Scottish Trials Bike Championships as well as mountain bike races for various ages, a static road bike challenge along with various other cycling activities and attractions. Thank you for all your comments and photos!

The Parents race was very funny. Some people did the jaw pink and the teeth blue. There was loads of slugs! We learnt 4 chords. The pupils are given this opportunity at the end of P7 and thus their time at Ballater The pupils took part in a week long activities programme.

Roll on level three of Young First Aider! We all played really well and came fourth. We were not allowed to sellotape it to the table. The boat trip was really good and Jeremy, the tour guide, told us lots of facts about the Loch and its history.

This pre planning document will determine whether a full planning application may be viable. If it is a viable proposition, the site will provide opportunities for several housing options for the community. Community Website Assistance As always a reminder about the small fund available from the Cairngorms National Park Authority to help local groups establish or improve their group or project websites. If anybody is interested in applying for this fund please contact me on the details below as I have the guidance and application forms.

Ballater learning centre The learning centre business plan and proposed tentative curriculum will be complete by the time you read this. The task now is to set up a coordinating body or structure which encompasses and represents the areas that will benefit from the centre, Ballater, Aboyne, Braemar and Donside. The Victoria and Albert Halls committee who have supported and helped this process from the outset, have always been keen to get the centre going in a low key fashion, learn from experience and slowly build on what is working.

This means throwing the net wide for potential users of the centre. We are looking at becoming a viable enterprise providing a learning facility for the community with some training linked to the local business community, offering opportunities for young and old.

We will need committed individuals to work on the organisational side of the centre, starting first with the actual business structure. If you want to offer your input please let me know as we will be forming a working group before the end of the year.

I can only hope that by the time this goes to print the land will be owned by the community. A partnership between BRD and the Historic Forestry Project Association is taking shape with the draft terms of a lease agreement completed. Only once we have the land title can we apply for funds to restore the two original log cabins.

I would ask folk to contact me if they have any project or funding they would like me to help them pursue Nick. Stairs manufactured and installed. One-off items. All renovation works. A Skate Park in Ballater? This means it would help keep us youths off the streets. The first stage in our plan was to get as many people as possible to sign a sheet of paper supporting our idea of a skate park and to give us an idea of how many people would like a skate park in Ballater.

We got a couple of hundred signatures in total which was very pleasing. We then started to look at several possible locations where we might put the skate park. We looked at the Monaltrie Park area and the Sluievannachie car park area. We thought these would be two of the most ideal places in Ballater to put a skate park. Hopefully, if this project continues and we get the support of the residents of Ballater, we will 35 be getting involved in fundraising, as well as getting the local community involved.

In addition, we have spoken to BRD who have offered some support if we can show them that getting a skate park would be worth it. Readers may have heard about the recent refusal to build a skate park in Aboyne. It would be great and very pleasing to get the support of our local community, and to see the young and old working together to obtain a new highlight and attraction in Ballater. We hope the residents of Ballater will take this into consideration and if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to bring this project to fruition, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please telephone for our latest catalogue. On June 27th this year I embarked on an expedition of a lifetime to Mexico with 11 other students from Aboyne Academy. For a month we travelled the country where we completed a 59k trek, worked on a community project and finally we got to see some of the culture and find out about the history of the country.

We were trekking for 5 days. I believe it was a great insight into the way people live as well as a personal challenge. During the community was hit by a hurricane and everything was destroyed! When we arrived we took the time to meet and greet the people.

Whilst doing this we discovered that the leader of the community, Ruby, was an albino and was therefore unable to see during the day due to it being too bright for her eyes. It was all very overwhelming as we changed her life! Due to the hurricane, the people had nothing and were slowly rebuilding homes and getting the community back in order.

We built a sanitary block for them and painted it bright colours. We also built two shelters as they only had one which they crammed everyone into. Just the look on their faces when we completed the projects left a lump in my throat as they were so happy with these things which we here in Scotland take for granted. It made us realise how little some people have, and made us appreciate what we do have. Overall it was a fantastic trip! Thank you! Firewood Tel: Mobile: email: weejim03 live.

It was, or so it seems in retrospect, just — well, ordinary. Which, I suppose, may go some little way towards explaining why Ballater is the major account-holder in my childhood memory bank. I cannot imagine even the most seasoned, worldweary traveller finding the village of Ballater anything less than totally charming. What he said, went, and where he went, we followed, and that, when the summer holiday fortnight came around, was always Ballater. The holiday really started at Buchanan Street station in Glasgow.

Although we had already set out from Ayr at eight in the morning, Buchanan Street, with its ornate canopy and the then exotic odours from the early morning fish trains just in from the North East, was immediately a world away from the more prosaic St. Enoch terminal where we had decanted from the Ayr train. Well, naturally, the sun was always shining! At last, Craigendarroch would come into view as we H. For years, these two elements, the bell and the train, dominated my days in Ballater.

There was a train coming in at ten and leaving again at twenty- past, there was the twelve-thirty, which did not go out again until three, then the twenty-to-five, leaving on the hour rush home for tea! Oh yes, and the midday goods, which always had an intriguing little bit of shunting to do. Its departure, loaded with timber from the saw-mill on the other side of the line, unfortunately sometimes coincided with the daily chore of sitting down to lunch.

The main attraction of Ballater station, quite apart from the sheer prettiness of the canopied wooden building itself and the majestic curve of its platform, was the fact that it was the end of the line. This required the locomotive to come off one end of the train, run round to the sheds to be turned on the turntable and then come back, refreshed and pointing in the right direction to take its four wood-panelled LNER coaches to Aberdeen, some forty-odd miles away.

All fascinating stuff for a wee boy. And here I have to thank good Queen Victoria for so much of my childhood joy. As is well known, the line was originally intended to run right on to deliver her directly to Balmoral Castle. We also supply quarry products and lockbloc paving. The winter will come again; we can supply and spread gritting sand and can talk to you about snow clearance on drives and carparks. You have tried the rest; now hire the best. Phone or Mobile: E-mail: barytesmining btconnect.

That, quite frankly, I could never understand. So the line ended at Ballater, and the extension was now the Old Line, that beautiful walk among the oaks and birches along the banks of the Dee. This walk, and the various spots along the river where my younger brother and I spent happy hours building dams and harbours and throwing stones and skimmers, had the added advantage of being close enough to Station Square to allow me to sprint back for my next round of duties ensuring that all went off correctly and according to schedule.

If this was unsuccessful, the perky, proprietar y shriek of the whistle echoing around the valley became sheer torture. Any parental plans for venturing even farther away from my obsession were usually met with tearful protests and, since these usually failed, complied with in sulking silence.

Soon, I developed an intensely personal attachment to those long-chimneyed little locomotives, especially the ones bearing a proud local name, like George Davidson, Sir David Stewart, Andrew Bain, Benachie, Hatton Castle, Glen Grant and, of course, Gordon Highlander with which I can still, after all these decades, commune silently in the nearby Glasgow Museum of Transport.

Not only that, but the local footplate crews always had a wave and a kind word for the wee, self-appointed Assistant Station-Master, who was eventually, on a few occasions, able to complete his duties by being taken round, when the last train had arrived at 8p. The picnic? December 30, was a black day. Taking advantage of my absence in Germany, that infamous butcher, Dr.

Beeching, put an end to the beautiful Deeside Line and, by having the tracks torn up and bridges removed almost before the rails had cooled after the passage of the last train, made sure no perverse preservation society could ever revive it. Ballater station still stands as a listed building, but from the sweep of the platform, the view is filled with an estate of cosy little houses. However, I can still draw comfort from memories and from the pictures in several books on the Deeside Line.

Besides, on our return from Germany, the next version of the Mitchell family, with its own two little boys, resumed the tradition of Ballater holidays, with father sitting dreaming as Andrew and Douglas built their harbours and dams and threw their stones into the Dee on top of the ones he and his brother had dispatched thirty years before, and little else had changed. Visits to Ballater are still a delight, because some of the old friends, apart from the railway, are still there, as warm in their welcome as ever.

The church bell still rings, and I can still hear that whistle, still smell the grease and the steam, even if no one else can. As a result, belief in ghosts and witches was accepted. Today, with our more rational approach, we think of these things as amusing incidents from the past. Abergeldie Castle, pink washed and in the Gordon family since just after when they obtained the estate, has had some colourful characters as Laird.

There was constant feuding with the traditional enemy, the Forbes. A very colourful Laird had a son by his first wife - what happened to her we can only guess and when the Laird remarried, the relationship between the son and the new Lady were anything but cordial. The Laird himself was a bit of a philanderer and spent much time on the Continent in company with various lady friends. His wife could stand it no longer.

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