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Jentezen franklin between a rock and a hard place and a rock

jentezen franklin between a rock and a hard place and a rock

Between A Rock And A Hard Place - John Gray Subscribe and Get Sermons and Messages by John Gray DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX! PowerPoint With Jack Graham am - amreligion, Jentezen Franklin Dragons: Race to the Edge Between a Rock and a Hard Placeam - am. Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church. the groundbreaking Fasting and Right People-Right Place-Right Plan. WILLIAM HILL SPORTSBOOK

America was founded as a White Christian Republic. And as a White Christian Republic it became great. The backing of this religious group played a key and pivotal role in the ensuring for certainty he wins the race to the White House.

This is no big secret that majority of Christians, not just white evangelicals, or the KKK but across the world Christians from Africa and elite pastors from the continent stand behind Trump. Mainstream media made it chaotic to keep track of what is fact and what is opinion.

It begs me to question how we can present ideas with an added layer of just a bit of consciousness. Could media have done a better job at presenting ideas of christians, muslims and the individuals behind the votes? If statistics shows that majority of christians and evangelicals voted Trump, is there something missing that this religious group knows or perceived that the rest of the world is not aware of about Donald Trump?

Is there something more they have seen or know about Donald Trump and how he will govern as the President that puts them at ease? If they do, perhaps more Christians should take to the table and help the rest of the world understand better how they can give the president-elect a chance in a way that promotes peace and renounces hate.

Why are more Christians not speaking openly about this? There was a silent majority. As one article about this put it, four out of five white evangelicals voted for the Republican nominee, according to exit polls. The third diet, final diet that He put His people on, now their diet had to change again. And He said, now you can have whatever you're willing to break the ground for. You've gotta become a ground breaker.

And whatever you're willing to sow for, that's what you can eat. Whatever you wanna eat, you decide. Whatever you wanna get out of your walk with God, now that you've been saved, and I've taught you what it is to be a believer, what it is to be an intercessor, what it is to be a witness for Jesus Christ, what it is to be a spirit-filled believer, now it's up to you.

Now the manna's gonna cease, and what you get out of your Christian walk is not up to God. Whatever you sow, you will reap. A demand is placed on your faith now. Now listen. This is a big point. Your comfort level - in a place of transition, your comfort level must be challenged.

That's why He changed their diet. Because it's uncomfortable. Your fruitfulness is linked to your discomfort zone. That's why He said they that sow in tears. It's uncomfortable. Will reap in joy. That's why there's a verse that said he that will not plow by reason of the heat.

Will have no harvest in the winter. Your fruitfulness is tied to being in a place of discomfort. Just about the time you're ready to write and print your 1. And you become in a place of discomfort. What is it is over. Now go get it yourself. It's called the food of freedom. It's not a hand-out. You have to take a plow, and you have to sow, and you have to reap.

Your diet has to switch when you cross over. A woman giving birth, the first sign that she's entering fruitfulness is discomfort. When a woman's gonna have a baby, the first thing she will do is feel discomfort, and get to the hospital, and she's got one thing on her mind: are the drugs ready? Because this is extremely uncomfortable. But notice that discomfort is always connected to fruitfulness.

I'm saying to you today that God has you right where He wants you in a transitional place. Now notice what happened. Joshua then sees the angel of the Lord, and he asks him a question. He's standing there with a sword in his hand, the angel is. And he said, have you come for us, or are you for our adversaries? And I love this angel. He's a bad angel. He said neither.

If you want God on your side, you better get on God's side. He's on His side. And if you want Him, you better get on His side. People take the Word and act like He's on our side. God's word isn't for sides. God's word is what it is, and you either get in line with it, or He just ignores you. I like this angel because this angel said, it don't matter to me. I've come to do the will of God. I'll whip you, I'll whip them, I'll whip all of y'all.

I don't care. I'm on assignment for the will of God to be done. It's not about people. It's not about churches. It's about the will of God and God's glory. And you can't just grab the Word and act like you can fight somebody with the Word. God has His own agenda, and we have to get into His agenda. Now notice this. I'm just gonna do some little teaching here now. Joshua surrenders leadership to the angel of the Lord. Joshua was captain of the people, but the angel of the Lord was the captain of the host of the Lord.

You see, everybody's not a leader. Everybody has the potential to be a leader, but not everybody's a leader. If you don't believe everybody's not a leader, put them over your stuff. Let's put 'em over your stuff. Leadership is identified by two things. Leadership is not titles. Leadership is not position. Leadership is not what you call yourself. I'm a leader. Leadership has to do with two things. Number one, results. Don't tell me you're the best mechanic in town if I just had you work on my car, and they're pulling me up in a tow truck.

I don't care how big your yellow page ad is. If you don't get results, you're not a leader. It's about results. And the world knows this. The world will hire people, and if they don't get results, they say take your little title and leave. Secondly, leadership is about fruitfulness. Leaders have the ability to produce fruit.

The biblical example of that is Moses. The Bible said that he was ready to find the first high priest for the nation of Israel, and so God told him what to do. He said, I'll tell you how you vindicate and know who I choose as the leader. He said tell 'em to take a dead stick.

Cut a stick down. Each tribe is to write their name of their leader on that stick. And bring a stick representing the tribe and the leader of that tribe, 12 of them, bring it into the holy place, and put it on the Ark of the Covenant, and leave it in there.

And the stick that was dead and comes back to life is, the way that you will know the one that I choose is the stick that was dead will begin to produce fruit. And that is the one that you are to follow. That is the one that you are to go to with your sins. That is the one you are to go to to get the blessing. And the Bible said they all brought dead sticks, all 12 of the tribes.

And there was one that Aaron had, and he laid it down. They came back. All the sticks were dead, but one of the sticks came alive. And it was budding, and it was fruitful. It was Aaron's rod, the scripture said. And God said, the one that's fruitful, that's the leader you are to follow.

That's the leader you are to follow. That's what God did, He did the same thing when He wanted somebody to lead the world to salvation. Every religion said our founder is the right one. Islam said Muhammad is the right one. Buddhism said Buddha's the one. Confucius is the one. All the religions of the world: "Our leader is the one". God says, fine. Let's kill 'em all. Jesus claims to be the one. Kill 'em all, and lay 'em in the tomb. And the one that's dead like a stick and comes back alive again, fruitful, He's the first fruits of them which sleep.

Well, I got news for ya. Muhammad stayed like a dead stick, and Buddha stayed like a dead stick. But on third day, He's alive again. His name is Jesus. There's no other name. There's no other way to life, and there's no other one who can lead you into the Promised Land.

He's our fruitful leader. Will you give Jesus a big praise? The mighty name of Jesus. I'm almost done. And what got me about this story is the scripture said when the angel said, who's on the Lord's side, Joshua said, I'm with you. And then I love this part. Joshua fell on his face and worshipped. He fell on his face. He's at a transitional place that he has longed to be and his people have longed to be for 40 long years.

He's there. But I love the fact that before you get to Joshua , where it says now Jericho, right before it, a man in a place of transition fell on his face. And the angel said, take off your shoes. The Message Bible said take off your shoes, and stay awhile. In other words, I know you're busy. I know you got stuff pushing on ya.

I know the people are anxious. I know they're all packed up and ready to go. They been waiting for generations to get across this river. I know a lot's going on. I know you're a busy leader. But fall down on your face.

Take your shoes off. Stay awhile, and worship God. Because when you worship, it sets you up for the transition. Leaders oughtta be worshippers. You've got time to worship, no matter what's pushing on you. Worship is not wasting time. God says, I want people who claim to be my leaders to spend time with me, worshipping me.

Stay awhile. Another thing about taking your shoes off is, have you ever walked around barefoot? You feel everything. Your feet are sensitive. So take your shoes off. Where I'm taking you, I'm gonna need you to be sensitive. I'm gonna need you to really be in tune and leaning on me. Where I'm taking you, you've never been before, and I need you to be worshipful.

I need you to be in a spirit of dependency. Leaning on me. Worshipping me. Looking to me as your source, not man. And I conclude with this point. Your Bible said, now Jericho was straitly shut up. Walls of resistance. They heard they were coming. Have you ever seen in the movies, you know, back in the old days, you know, when they had the cities?

Jentezen franklin between a rock and a hard place and a rock pro football betting software


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Jentezen franklin between a rock and a hard place and a rock lieu place difference between iphone

Between A Rock And A Hard Place - Relentless Church


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Jentezen franklin between a rock and a hard place and a rock blockchain bitcoin for dummies

Between A Rock And A Hard Place - Relentless Church jentezen franklin between a rock and a hard place and a rock

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