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Piastre copy center nicosia betting

piastre copy center nicosia betting

Nicosia. Curtiss-Wright Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. to their own Departments in Washington when their services abroad are ter¬ est odds. HELIOGRAPHS TRIATOMIC REVEILLES PONTIFICALLY GAMBLING REHEELED SCRUTATOR ROMP KACHINA PREAPPOINTED ARPEGGIO SKIN ICEBERGS CENTRE SIVA CONFISCATING. George Georghallides, ex-Director of the Cyprus. Research Centre, and Mr. Kyriacos Vassiliou ex-Head of the His- tory Department in the English School, Nicosia;. LITERAL MEANING OF STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE

The Cyprus Pound The British introduced the pound sterling unit to Cyprus in at a rate of one to Turkish piastres. It remained equal in value to the pound sterling until and was initially divided into 20 shillings. The shilling was divided into 9 piastres or grosia , thus establishing a nomenclature link to the previous currency.

The piastre was itself divided into 40 para. The para denomination did not appear on any coins or banknotes but was used on postage stamps. In , Cyprus decimalized with mils to the pound. The subdivision was changed to cents to the pound in At that time, the smallest coin still in circulation was that of 5 mils. He shall keep a register of the inmates in whichshall be recorded the name, age and sex of each inmate,the village and district from which they come,their previous occupation, date of admission into theLeper Farm, the length of time afflicted, andwhether they have any relations affected aud suchother particulars as the Chief Medical Officer maydirect.

He shall keep all books relating to the expenditureat the Leper Farm and regularly, iortnightly ormonthly, as the case may be, jxTsonally make paymentto the lepers of the allowanc granted bytheGovernment, and he shall keep all correspondencerelating to the lepers and the said Leper Farm. He shall visit the quarters of the lepers and everypart of the asylum at least once a day and shall seethat the directions of the Chief Medical Officer areihoronghly carried out.

The Chief Medical Officer shall be responsiblefor the maintenance of good order and discipline inthe Leper Farm. The Superintendent, under the Chief MedicalOfficer, shall be responsible for the cleanliness andgeneral discipline of the asylum, and shall havecontrol over the attendants employed therein. Visitors shall see their friends in the room setapart for that purpose, unless the person visited bebed-ridden,IV.

Any inmate who refuses or neglects to performthe duty or work assigned to him, or is gniltyof misconduct or of any breach of discipline or goodorder, shall be deemed to be guilty of a breach ofBegulations. One or more rooms shall be set apart by theChief Medical Officer in the said Leper Farm for thepurposes of a prison, in which lepers ordered toundergo a sentence of imprisonment shall undergotheir sentence, and the Superintendent sliall have aUpowers for the detention and custody of leperssentenced to imprisonment, as are by Law vested inPrison Warders.

The inmates of the Leper Farm are requiredto conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner«id to obey at all times the directions of the ChiefMedical Officer, either direct or submitted through ithe Secretary or the Superintendent. All inmates, without exception, in so far as theyare able, are required to engage in such work or employmentin or for the benefit of the said LeperFarm, in such capacity and for such length of time asthe Superintendent, with the approval of the ChiefMedical Offioer, may direct.

Nomaout the t»pecial11 take place in the iaxxn withhorityof the High Commissioner. Any priest performing such marriage ceremonywithout the permission of the High Commissionershall be debarred from holding any further appointmentin the said Leper Farm, The priest shall perform all the rehgious offices,except marriage, required of him in the asylum andshall hold services regularly on Sundays and Saints'Days in the said Farm Chapel.

He is strictly forbidden to attempt to proselytizeany leper who may happen to be of a different religion. Tbe servants employed in the Leper Farm shallassist those lepers who are unable to take care ofthemselves, wash their clothing and keep their roomsclean and tidy. Ist Febmary, All sovereigns and half sovereigns which shew a-deficiency in weight of gold exceeding 3 c.

Price One Shilling. Achillea Apoatolides, the boundaries beipgon two sides road, and on two sides land of AchilleaApostolides, consisting of square feet, as specifiedby plan, for the purposes of public utility, to wit, thecontinuation of the public road or street of Iphigeneia. PripB 5 Pi etp Any person who ahall carry, or have, on or about his person,any dagger knife, shall be guilty of an offence, and for everysuch offence shall be liable to a fine not exceeding and everysuch dagger knife shall be forfeited; Provided always thatnothing in this Law contained shall be held to prevent thecarrying of a dagger knife by any person in the exercise of anylawful trade or business, who shall prove that at the time suchdagger knife was found it was necessary that he' should so carryit, or have it on or about his person, for the purposes of histrade or business.

Provided alwaysthat it shall be lawful for the Chief Secretary, under his hand, tolicense any person to import, or to manufacture, sell or disposeof, upon any premises to be specified, dagger knives, for thepurposes of any particular trade or business.. Where any person shall have obtained such license as ismentioned iii Sec.

And every entry in the register. It shall not be lawful for any person who has obtainedsuch a license as is mentioned in Sec. Every register to be kepi in accordance with the provisionsof this LaviT shall be open to inspection by the Commissioner ofthe District. It shall be lawful for the High Commissioner, with theadvice and assistance of the Chief Justice, to make Rules withrespect to the form of licouso and form of register mentioned inthis Law.

This Law may be cited as " The Knives Law, ,"luterpretatioaof " daggerknife. Unlawful toimport or disposeof dagger knivesexcept under alicense from theChief Secretary. SeUer to besatisfied thatknife is bona fiderequired. Begister to beopea to inspeation. Power to makeBoles. Short title. Notioe to quit tobe served ontenant. Where it has been found desirable to revise, amend or alterany Report, as aforesaid, and any new proprietors have been addedthereto, as aforesaid, under the provisions of Sec.

Incorporationwith iRigationand Water Law, Power of High. Power of HighCommissioner toorder contributionto paymentol works. Not to exemptconttitmtorafrom paynuBt otsums due. Datiea of LegalBoaid. Constitation ofLegal Board. Qnalifloations forobtaining certifloateof LegalBoard. Bnro:ment ofAdvocates. Whereas it is expedient To aBaend the Law regulating theenrolment and admission of persons to practise as advocateshefore the Courts of Cypms.

From and after the passing of this Law, no person shall beenrolled as an Advocate to practise before the Courts in Cyprusuntil he shall have obtained the certificate of the Legal Board ashereinafter provided. There shall be hereby constituted a body of persons, hereinafterreferred to as the "Legal Board," whose duties shall beto receive and decide upou applications from persons desiring tobe enrolled as Advocates, to conduct examinations of such personsfrom time to time, and, subject to the provisions hereinaftercontained, to give to such persons the certificates hereinaftermentioned.

The Legal Board shall be constituted of the following persons; that is to say, 1 the persons for the time being filling theofiices of Chief Justice, Puisne Judge and Queen's Advocate,respectively, and of such Judges of the District Courts and Advo-.

Every person who has been granted a certificate of the LegalBoard shall, on ]. Every person so enrolled shall be entitled to receive a certificateunder the hand of the Chief Justice and the seal of the SupremeCourt stating that he has been enrolled. Every person who has beeu duly admitted to practise as abarrister-at-law, or solicitor, or advocate, or writer to the Signetin Great Britain or Ireland, or has been dulv admitted to practiseas an a. Begistrar ofConrt to issneoeitificate ofattendance.

Bnles to be madeby the mghCommissionerAppointmentsecretary andinterpreters. There shall be kept in the office of every District Court abook in wliich persons intending to qualify themselves as Advocates,under the provisions of this Law, and who are attending thesittings of a District Court in order to oijtuin the qualificationm'utionod iu sub-section 5 of clause 4 hereof, may enter theirnames and the date of every occasion on which they so attend thesitting of the Court.

Every person Avho has attended one-half of the sittings ofa District Court during a period of twelve consecutive monthsshall be entitle:! Tiie High Commissioner. Avith the advice and assistanc3 ofthe Legal Board, may make rules regulating any or all of the followingmalters, that is to say: the place at which the sittings ofthe Legal Board shall be In Id ; the number of members Avhichshall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business ; thenumber of examinations to be held in any year and the times atwhicii such examinations shall be held; the times within whichapplications by persons desiring to be examined shall be made tothe Legal Board ; the number of the examiners to conduct suchexaminations, and by whom they shall be appointed, and the feesto be paid to such examiners, and tbe remuneration to be paid toany interpreter o;' intirpreters in respect of any examination.

TLe High Commissiouer shall have power to appoint suchperson or persons to act as secretary and intr'rpreter or interpretersto the Legal Board as may appear to him to be necessary or desirable. No persons shall, after the passing of this Law, be enrolledunder the provisions of clauses , and of the "CyprusCourts of Justice Order, ," This Law may be cited as "The Advocates' Law, Penalties forbreach ofprohibttion.

Whereas it is desirable, in the interests of Agriculture, to prohibitthe exportation of Manure. Be it therefore enacted by His Excellency the High Commissionerand Commander-in-Chief of the Island of Cyprus, with theadvico and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, as follows For the purposes of this Law, "Manure " shall be taken toinclude and mean the solid or liquid excrement of any animul i,whether mixed with or absorbed by straw, or otherwise.

Price 3 Piastres. Printed at the Government Printing Office, Nicosia. For the purposes of this Law, " property" shall. Where any damage or destruction has been caused to propertymaliciously by persons unknown, and the owner thereofshall desire to obtain compensation under this Law, notice of suchdamage or destruciion shall be given by him, or on hia behalf, assoon as possible to the Mukhtar and Commission of the villagewithin the lands of which the property is situate or the damagehas been caused.

Should the damage or destruction be caused to property situatewithin the lands of more than one village, notice thereof, asaforesaid, must be given to the Mukhtars and Commissions ofevery such village respectively.

The District Court shall thereupon fix a day for the hearingof such petition, and the petitioner shall serve a copy of the petitionand a notice of the day fixed for the hearing thereof uponthe Mukhtar of the said village, and shall post a copy of thepetition and a notice of the day fixed for the hearing thereofupon the door of the church and mosque of the said village. The District Court shall proceed to hear the petition on theday fixed for the hearing of the same, or- on any other day towhich the same may be adjourned, and, after hearing evidence insupport of the petition and any evidence that may be adduced byany person contrary to the petition, and after taking all such evidenceas the Court shall deem necessary, if the Court shall be ofopinion that the order asked for in the petition ought to issue, itshall give judgment to that effect, and shall issue such orderaccordingly, specifying therein-the amount of compensation andcosts to be paid to the petitioner by the verghi-payers of thevillage.

And if the Court shall be of opinion that no snch orderought to issue, it shall give judgment to that effect and dismissthe petition acccordingly. Every judgment or order made by a District Court underthe provisions of Sec.

After the expiration of the time limited for appealing againstthe order of the District Court, or after the hearing of such anappeal, the petitioner shall present to the'District Court a list ofthe verghi-payers of the village by whom the compensation hasDefinition of" Property.

Petition to befiled. Day to be fixedand notice to beserved. Appeal againstorder. Order of Oonrtupon varghipayera. Power ofMnkhtar. Fea of Mukhtar. Penalty fornegleet olMukhtar. Appeal againstapportlonBant. This Lav not toexempt frompenalties. Fewer to makeBules. Where on the allocation of the amount of compensation andcosts amongst all the verghi-payers of the village, it appears thatthe amount payable by any vergbi-payer would include a fractionof a piastre which is not represented by any coin current iuCypms, the Court shall direct that the amount to be paid byevery such verghi-payer shall be increased by the addition theretoof so many paras as shall raise the fraction of a piastre, abovementioned, to a sum which is represented by a coin which ia currentin Cyprus, and the amount which thereby is found to exceedthe total sum ordered to be paid by the village, as aforesaid, shallbe devoted by the Mukhtar to the school or schools of such villageor to any other charitable purpose.

Every order made by a District Court under the provisionsof See. Name of School. Grant forHalf-YearOctober toMarch Grant forHalf-HearApril to September Total GramtforSchool Year Grant forHalf-VearOctober toMarch, Total GrantforSchool Year Yerakioes3 0 03 0 06 0 0SkyUouraEylenja4 10 05 10 05 0 05 10 09 10 0 0Vizakia ; Gi»nt forHaif-YearApril to Ssptember Grant forHalf-YearApril to September 3.

Emba -. Grants for theHalf-YearOctober ' toMarch Total Gi-antBfor theSchool Year Sth February, The ordinary annual election of Councillors shalltake place on the 20th day of March in each year. Every election of Councillors shall be held at theMunicipal OflSces between the hours of 9 a.

The President of the Municipal Council, or, inhis absence, the Vice-President, shall preside andexercise jurisdiction at every election except at themeeting for the taking of the poll and counting ofvotes. Both the President and Vice-President of the Municipal Council may, if they desireit, be present at the counting of votes. The votes shall be counted by the PresidingOfficer as soon as possible after the close of the polland tlie President and Vice-President of the Municipalitymay be present if they so desire.

Milk SellersMuaici. Other Musicians excluding thoseen-T. Owners of trees standing near public roadsmust trim such trees so that passengers may not beimpeded by them. AnJ I do further order that ho make the said liston the l3t day of April, , as directed in the Pro-Iclamatiou of the 1st; day of February, Contractors cantender for one or more, or all the Sections. Full particulars can be obtained by personal applicationat this Office any day between the hours ofd a.

Paloeologos at the next sessionpf the Legislative Council:—" To secure the salaries of the Slchool-mastera ofElementary Public Schools in the villages of theIsland. Hth February, Locusts will be purchased at the following centnerand aay additions or change» in these places wilL benotified by the Commissioners or by the DirectoirofSurvey. TO Rhizo Carpas. Every person delivering locusts at any of the--centres wUl see tliat his locusts are properly weighedby the Memour in charge and that he receives aprinted receipt for the same.

Turkey inEuropeAsia MhiorS. Odessa16th Fete? Liassi, les". In this Law the word " fire-arms " shall be taken to includeand mean any gun, revolver or pistol and any part of any suchweapon. From and after the passing of this Law, no person who hasbeen convicted of any of the following offences, that is to say:—- Homicide,Attempt to commit homicide. Theft with the aid of arms.

Theft with violence,shall have in his possession or under his control fire-arms. The High Commissioner shaU have power and authority,from time to time and at all times when it shall to him seem desirableor necessary to do so, to declare any area within the Island,from a date to be fixed and notified in the Official GazeUe, to bea proclaimed area for the period of one year or for such furtherperiod as the High Commissioner may think necessary.

Where any area shall have been declared to be a proclaimedarea, as aforesaid, copies of snch proclamation shall be posted inoonspicaous places of all the villages of such area 30 days beforesuch proclaination shall come into force, and it shall be the dutyof all persons who reside or carry on business within the limits ofsnch proclaimed area who have in their possession or under theircontrol any fire-arms, to deliver up such fire-arms to the personor persons authorized by the Govemment to receive the same,before the date of such proclamation coming into force as aforesaid.

All fire-arms which have been delivered up to the personauthorized to receive the same shall be marked with the name ofthe owner thereof, or of the person deUvering up the same, andon the expiration of the term for which the area was so proclaimed,as aforesaid, such fire-arms may be given up to thepersons entitled to receive the same. But it shall be lawful forthe Govemment to retain any such fire-arms if it should seemdesirable to do so.

FanonaprahQiited fromliSTiiiff fire-anna. Coiiteiaf proelamattniitobaposted in Tillagaaof pHMdaimedareas. Peaattieafothaviagin isoolaanedFOwer of poiioato Maiehforflis. VenHtjforrefnaaltoaUow search. Kre-anns givcKvptobe markedand Buy be returnedtotheowner Oft expiratumoffhapradainatMa.

Adult personsxespensible foeflie-arms foundtabonse, tec. Soldiers andpolice exceptedfrom this Law. Tower to oVtainxeimbnTBementfor gamelicenses. Part of fine maybe awarded toinformer. Power tomakenles. Bepeai of Law of This Law shall not apply to officers and men of HerMajesty's army or navy, or to members of the police force or toconvict guards. It shall be open to any person who holds a game licenseand who has delivered up any fire-arms under the provisions ofthis Law, to apply to the Commissioner of the District to be reimbursedto the amount of such game license, and, upon any suchapplication, it shall be lawful for the said Commissioner to remitto such applicant the whole or any part of the 10s.

Where any person shall have been convicted and sentencedto pay a fine under any of the provisions of this Law, it shall beopen to the Court, in its discretion, to award any portion of suchfine, not exceeding one-half, to any informer who gave informationwhich led to such conviction.

It shall be lawful for the High Commissioner, from tinaeto time, to make rules with respect to the special permit and thecustody of the fire-arms which are delivered up, and, generally,for the better carrying out of the provisions of this Law. This Law may be cited as " The Fire-arms Law, Begistration ofjudgment, howto be effected. Memorandum tostate whetherproperty isregistered.

OontentB efmemorandumwhere propertyis registered iuname of debtor. A judgment creditor may, for the time and to the extenthereinafter specified, render any immoveable property in whiciihis judgment debtor is beneficially interested, a security for thepayment of his judgment debt by registering his judgment at theLand Registry Office. Registration of a judgment at the Land Registry OffiOfeshall be effected by depositing at the Office of Land Registry bfthe District within which the property sought to be charged issituate, an office copy of the judgment together with a memoraitdum,dated and signed by the judgment creditor or his agehtappointed for that purpose, describing such immoveable propertyin the manner hereinafter specified and stating what interest thejudgment debtor has therein, and claiming that the debtor's interestin such property may remain answerable for the payment ofthe monies due under the judgment.

Every memorandum mentioned in clause 2 hereof shallstate the name, place of residence and occupation of the nersbiiagainst whose immoveable property the judgment is registered,and shall also state whether the property therein referred to isregistered in the tapou registers of the Land Registry Office ornot, and whether the debtor is the person registered as the owneror possessor thereof, and no judgment shall be registered unlessthe memorandum accompanying the office copy thereof depositedat the Land Registry Office shall contain the particulars reauiredby this clause.

Ii" it be alleged in the memorandum that the propertytbereiti referred LO is registered in the tapou registers of the LaudRegistry Office and thnt any person other than the debtor is theperson registered as the owner or possessor thereof, the memorandumshall, in addition to the particulars by the preceding clausehereof required to be contained therein, state by what means thedebtor is alleged to have acqiiirei his interest in the property.

If it is alleged in the memorandum that tho property thereinreferred to is not registered in the tapou registers of the LandRegistry Office, the description thereof in the memorandum shallstate the nature, boundaries aud extent of sucli property, the name if any of the locality at which aud the name of the villagewithin the lands of which such property is situate, and the nameor names if any by which such property, or any portiou or portionsof it, is or are commonly known. It shall also state hywhat means the debtor is alleged to have acquired his interest inthe property.

Registration of a judgment shall ordinarily remain in forcefor one year only from the date when such judgment was firstregistered, but the registration may, from time to time, be prolongedby an order of the Court for any further period or periodsnot exceeding a further period of one year at any one time, andso from time to time.

Notice of any order made under the last preceding clauseshall be given to the Land Registry Office by or on behalf of thejudgment creditor and at his expense, by leaving at the officewhere the judgment is registered a notice in writing of the makingof any such order, or an office copy thereof, not later than theday on which, but for the making of such order, the registrationof the judgment would cease to have effect, and where notice onlyis left, as aforesaid, by further leaving an office copy of suchorder at the Land Registry Offioe within 14 days from the daylast aforesaid, and if such office copy or notice and office copy asaforesaid, as the case may require, be not so left at the LandRegistry Office, the creditor shall forfeit the benefit conferred onhim by such order.

The effect of the registration of a judgment shall be asfollows, viz. Where in any memorandum it is alleged either that the propertytherein referred to is registered in the books of the LandRegistry Office but that some person other than the debtor is fcheperson registered as the owner or possessor thereof, or that thesaid property is not registered in the said books, or where such propertyis not registered in the said books in the name of the debtoras fcheowner or possessor thereof, whatever may be the allegationin that behalf contained in the memorandum, then, at any timewhile the registration of the judgment shall remain in force, theCourt may, upon the application of the judgment creditor, by itsorder, restrain any other person not being a creditor whose debtContents ofmemorandumwhere propertyis registered inname of otherperson thandebtor.

Contents ofmemorandumwhere propertynot registered. Duration ofregistration. Notice ot orderto be given atLand BegistryOfaoe. Effaot ofregistrationon propertyregistered in thename of thedebtor. Writ of sale ofImmoTeableproperty. Provided always that no such order as last hereinbefore mentionedshall be made unless notice of the application for suchorder be given to every transferee or mortgagee, and unless theCourt shall be of opinion that the description of the property containedin the memorandum was sufficient to affect any suchtraasferee or mortgagee with notice of the judgment creditor'sclaim on snch property, Where property shall be ordered to be sold in pursuance ofany order made under the authority of this clause, the remedy ofany person into whose name it may have been transferred or towhom it may have been mortgaged, shall be in damages onlyagainst the person by whom the property was granted, assignedor mortgaged to him.

Whenever any judgment that has been registered shall,while the registration thereof remains in force be satisfied, it shallbe the duty of the judgment creditor to give notice in writingthereof at the office where the judgment is registered. The proper officer of Land Registry shall enter in a bookto be kept for that purpose a note of the date of the registrationat the Land Registry Office of every judgment, and of the names,places of residence and ordinary occupations of ali persons againstwhose immoveable property, or any part thereof, any judgmenthas been registered, and of the date of any order made under theprovisions of clause 7 hereof for prolonging the registration otsuch judgment and of the period for which the registration isthereby prolonged.

Such book shall also show the namo of the village where suchlands are situate. Such book, together with the office copies of judgments andmemoranda deposited at the Land Registry Office under the provisionsof clause 2 hereof, shall be open to inspection. Where, under the provisions of "The Civil ProcedureAmendment Law, ," any immoveable property shall havebeen charged with the payment of the money due under anyjudgment, such property shall remain so charged until the expii».

No writ of sale of immoveable property shall be issuedexcept on an apphcation to the Court, the judgment of which issought to be executed, or a judge thereof, notice of such applicationhaving been fii-st given to the debtor, and every such writShaU be signed by the judge, or one of the judges, directing theissue thereof.

No writ of sale of immoveable property shall remain inforce for a longer period than one year from the date of the issuingof the same. Part III. Effect of writdirecting Balegenerally. Writ for sale ttproperty notroistered inname of debtee. Keeping abrothel in adisorderly way tobe an offence. Whereas it is desirable to amend "The Municipal CouncilsLaw, There shall be added to Section 25 of " The Municipal CouncilsLaw, 1H85," the ioilowing words : "Every person who keepsany brotlicd or disorderly hou-e in a disorderly manner, or in such away that it becomes an annoyance to the inhabitants.

On convictionfor certainoffences a portionof the fine maybe awarded tothe informer. Power to HighCommissioner topermit thekilling of wildbirds or thetaking of eggs inthe interests ofscience. Whercfis it ig expedient, in the interest of locust destructionthat " The Wild Birds Law, ," le repealed. This Law may l. The cultivation of tobacco shall be free, but no tobaccogrowershall be entitled to cultivate tobacco ou a smaller extentof land than half a douum, which must be either situate at oneplace or composad of several pieces of land situate within theconfines of a town, village or farm.

Registration, Sale and Inspection. In every District there shall be a Commission, called " TheRegistration Commissiou," which shall consist oi' three members,one of whom shall be appointed by the Director of Excise, anotherelected by the District Administrative Council, and the thirdelected by tbe Mukhtar and Azas of tbe place where the tobaccoplantations are situate.

Such Commissions shall, before tobaccois gathered in, proceed to the tobacco plantations aud record theplace, quantity of donums, and the uame and residence of thetobacco-srCO wer, in books kept for that purpose by the said Commisaiou,the members of which shall at be end of the work ofeach day place thoir signatures at the foot of such entries. Such Commissions shall also, after the tobacco is gathered in anddried, proceeri to ascertain the quantity thereof by meaus ofweighing, and enter into the books kapt by it the quantity thusascertained, and shall fittest every such entry by affixing thesignatures "of the members thereto.

The Registration Commissiou snail imraediafceiy give to thetobacco-grower a statement in writing signed by its members andsetting forth the quantity of tobacco, the extent of tbe tobaccoplantation, and the name, surname and residence of the tobaccogrower.

Such written statement, hereinafter called '' certificate,"shall be cut ofi" from a counterfoil book kept by a member of thesaid Commission appointed for that purpose by the Director ofExcise, and the contents of such written statement shall also benoted on the counterfoil.

In case the said certificate shall belost, a copy tliereof made out from the entries oa tbe counterfoilshall be issued by the Director of Excise on the written applicationof the tobacco-grower. After such visit of the Registration Commission, made asaforesaid for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of thetobacco, the tobacco-grower shall be at liberty to sell or exporthis tobacco, either wholly or in portions, or to manufacture partthereof for his own use, subject to the following formalities:— I.

The quantity of tobacco sold or exported shall not be lessthan five okes and shall be weighed in the presence of anExcise officer, who shall make on the certificate in the bands ofthe tobacco-grower, a note of the quantity of tobacco sold or exported,the name of the purchaser or the place to which it iaexported, and shall attest such note by his signature. The quantities of tobacco to be manufactured for the useof the tobacco grower shall not altogether exceed the amount often okes in each year, and shall be delivered to a tobacco factoryto be manufactured in the presence of an Excise Officer, whoshall note the quantity of such manufactured tobacco on the certificateof the tobacco-grower and shall attest such note by hissignature.

On the completion of the registration and ascertainment ofthe quantity of tobacco, the Director of Excise shall, in specialbooks, open separate accounts for the tobacco-growers of eachDistrict, and in every such account shall state the extent of thetobacco plantations and the ascertained quantities of tobacco,and shall subsequently mp.

Every year, some days before the tobacco is gathered in,the Registration Commissioners shall proceed to inspect andcheck, by means of lists prepared previously by the Director ofExcise, the qunnti! Tobacco- Traders. The premises to be used for the storing of tobacco shall bestated in the application, and no change shall be made in thepremises to be so used without the permission of the Director ofExcise.

Every tobacco-trader shall be subject to the payment of aproper remuneration for the Excise Officer who shall attend athis store, either at fixed periods, or occasionally, whenever areceipt or delivery of tobacco is to take place, and who mayaccompany him also to villages in order to take a note of thequantity of tobacco that may be bought and taken over.

Every tobacco-trader shall keep a store book, numberedand sealed by the Director of Excise, in which he shall enter indetail all lodgments or withdrawals of tobacco from his store, andevery such entry shall be attested with his signature and that ofthe Excise Officer. The tobacco in the hands of the tobacco-traders shall notbe sold or exported in quantities of less than five okes each.

Whenever a tobacco-trader sluill lodge in or withdraw fromhis stores any tobacco, his account in the books kept by theDirector of Excise shall, in accordance with the informationgiven to tho said Director by tho officers under him, be creditedor debited by such Director.

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