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The world would be a better place if money didnt exist

the world would be a better place if money didnt exist

We bought a thousand TV sets for a place where they have no electricity. In the last six years, 52 nations have bought 7 billion dollars worth of our gold, and. If people become convinced that our government will end up printing money to cover intractable deficits, they will see inflation in the future and so will. If money was to become obsolete, mankind would find that his potetial for progress would no longer be restricted with financial shackles. Greed. SHORT INVESTING QUOTES

We stopped moving, and settled down, forming organized communities. Life got easier but we still wanted more than we had. So we began to barter. Fast forward a few thousand years to the first minted coin in B.

Cash became king. And today, money still does the talking. So what would you say if the world suddenly went broke? One thing is certain, looting and crime would skyrocket. Humans have needs. We get hungry, we get cold and we get jealous. Law and economy normally keep these drives in check, determining what we can afford and what we can get away with.

But suddenly, everything has lost its value. No one wants to work for free… Without paychecks, we lose important services. No police, no fire department, no doctors, no military. And what about technology? Neither is running water. Definitely not gasoline. And ditto for cell service and the internet. So our world would be thrown into a dark, anarchic chaos.

In this survival of the fittest scenario, gun owners would fair the best, and it would be in their best interest to band together to claim a greater share of resources at lower risk. With humans forming into factions, we can already begin to see a repetition of early sedentary societies.

The streets would no longer be safe. So humans would establish stationary communities in fortified positions. They may send teams out to raid nearby communities or to establish partnerships with neighbors. Stewart: Are there any examples in our society today of this concept of doing things for the greater good, not necessarily for accumulating wealth? Saadia: There are plenty.

In fact most of scientific research — that then turns into marketable goods — is done for prestige, to benefit the greater good in whatever form, whether market or non-market. Another example of a public good like that is Wikipedia.

What do you think he would have made of that? Does that fit into this concept at all? Stewart: You mean, like a federation accounting unit? Saadia: Yeah, an accounting unit. Not a currency, but something to keep track and account for the allocation of resources.

Stewart: Suddenly he starts carrying cash. Saadia: Or Bitcoins. We talked to one of the proponents, Matt Krisiloff from the startup incubator Y Combinator, on Marketplace back in

The world would be a better place if money didnt exist cryptocurrency historical data minute the world would be a better place if money didnt exist

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The world would be a better place if money didnt exist forex news trading indicators

What If There Was No Money And Everything Was Free In The World?

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