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Investing my superannuation

investing my superannuation

We give you the freedom to choose where your money is invested, because as your needs and goals change, so should your super investment choices. Learn more. Check your super investment options. Pay yourself super if you're self employed. Use our retirement planner. Estimate how much super you'll have when you. Any time money is deposited into your super, it's invested on your behalf by the trustee of your super fund. Investments can be made into. NBA PLAYOFF GAME ODDS

A fragment of the portfolio holding disclosure for the Lifecycle Balanced Pool fund. An example is Future Super, which allows you to search and filter portfolio holdings by asset class and country of origin. Read more: Vital Signs: No, we won't change the corporate world with divestment and boycotts Your best options This is not to say portfolio holding disclosure obligations are useless.

So there is still much work to be done to make the sector truly transparent. What would really help is independent certification and ratings of super products, similar to government websites and programs that certify energy efficiency and allow comparison of electricity plans. In the meantime, I can offer you one big tip. Choose a specific superannuation product that markets itself on its environmental or social sustainability credentials. Most super funds now provide these choices alongside their more traditional investment options.

Some exclude entire sectors. Read more: Sustainable investment: is it worth the hype? But there is a much higher likelihood of it living up to its claims due to greater scrutiny by third parties such as environmental groups as well as the financial regulator. Unlisted direct property has a stable return and low correlation to more traditional asset classes. Includes investments in traditional real estate sectors as well as alternative asset classes like self-storage, healthcare and datacenters.

Private Equity: Investments in private companies companies that are not publicly listed. Income is received from the profits made by these companies via their investments. Private Credit: Privately negotiated loans and debt-financing from non-bank lenders. Income is received from the interest charged. Growth Alternatives: Investments that sit outside of, and behave differently from, traditional asset classes, e.

Short-Term Fixed interest: Investments that pay out a set level of cash flow to investors, typically in the form of a fixed interest or dividends. Liquid Alternatives: Alternative investment vehicles that provide diversification and are highly liquid - can be bought and sold daily. Examples include mutual funds or exchange traded funds. Bonds: Fixed-income instruments that represent a loan made by an investor to a borrower, typically a government or a corporation.

A defensive asset, bonds are less risky than growth assets like shares and property. Infrastructure: Investments in physical assets and related operations that provide businesses and society with essential services e.

Investing my superannuation pac crypto investing my superannuation

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Superannuation Australia Explained - BEST Super Funds in Australia Compared 2020

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