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Helle hasse better place denmark a/s

helle hasse better place denmark a/s

Sampension Liv also pro- vides pension schemes for private enterprises and acts as a reinsurer to most of. Denmark's municipal and regional authorities in. Changes over time in characteristics, resource use and outcomes among ICU patients with COVID - a nationwide, observational study in Denmark. Set sometime between the two World Wars, Hella S. Haasse's The Black Lake is narrated by a boy growing up on a plantation in the Dutch. SUNC ETH HITBTC

This study was undertaken to establish and characterise a novel murine model of arthritis, the delayed-type hypersensitivity DTH -arthritis model, and evaluate whether disease can be treated with compounds currently used in the treatment of RA.

Methods DTH-arthritis was induced by eliciting a classical DTH reaction in one paw with methylated bovine serum albumin mBSA , with the modification that a cocktail of type II collagen monoclonal antibodies was administered between the immunisation and challenge steps. Involved cell subsets and inflammatory mediators were analysed, and tissue sections evaluated histopathologically. Disease was treated prophylactically and therapeutically with compounds used in the treatment of RA.

We show that macrophages and neutrophils were heavily involved in the observed pathology and that a clear profile of inflammatory mediators associated with these cell subsets was induced locally. In addition, inflammatory markers were observed systemically. Furthermore, we demonstrate that disease could be both prevented and treated. On the basis of our findings we believe that the DTH-arthritis model could hold potential in the preclinical screening of novel drugs targeting RA.

The model is highly reproducible and has a high incidence rate with synchronised onset and progression, which strengthens its potential. Introduction Rheumatoid arthritis RA is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease characterized by severe synovitis leading to the destruction of articular cartilage and bone erosion. This ultimately results in joint destruction and severe disability and decreased quality of life for the affected patients [ 1 ]. Although the precise etiology and pathogenesis of RA remain unknown, several therapeutic advances have been made in recent years, most notably through blockade of tumor necrosis factor TNF [ 2 , 3 ].

To develop targeted therapeutic interventions, such as the TNF-blocking biologics currently on the market, investigators must attempt to dissect the multi-factorial nature of RA pathogenesis through the use of animal models mimicking different aspects of the disease. One animal model cannot stand alone, and in the pre-clinical screening of potential therapeutics, it is advantageous to use a range of different models that can supplement each other in the final evaluation of a drug candidate.

Indeed, the predictive value of anti-rheumatic drug efficacy in pre-clinical animal models of RA is greatly enhanced if the pre-clinical efficacy testing is conducted using several different animal models [ 4 , 5 ]. Several animal models of arthritis exist, but none of them truly represents the human condition.

Most likely each model mimics certain aspects and thus can be used as tools to increase the understanding of specific pathways of the disease. This approach leads to activation of CII-specific T cells and generation of anti-CII-specific autoantibodies and results in polyarthritis characterized by severe synovitis, cartilage destruction, and bone erosion [ 6 , 7 ].

Furthermore, it is possible to induce transient polyarthritis in mice on the basis of passive transfer of monoclonal anti-CII antibodies - anti-type II collagen antibody-induced arthritis CAIA [ 8 , 9 ]. The disease pathogenesis differs in the two models. Arthritis in CIA mice is a combination of a delayed-type hypersensitivity DTH reaction and an immune complex disease of the joint, and the disease is dependent on T and B cells [ 10 - 12 ].

The arthritis that develops in CAIA is a combination of immune complex disease and innate immune cell-mediated tissue destruction of the joint, in which the administered anti-CII coats the cartilage surface and leads to complement activation and Fc receptor-mediated activation of cells of the innate immune system [ 8 , 13 - 15 ]. CIA susceptibility is dependent on major histocompatibility complex MHC , and only strains carrying the H-2q or H-2r haplotype are susceptible. The DBA1 strain has the H-2q haplotype, and male mice of this strain are the most commonly used [ 16 ].

The disease is characterized by severe paw swelling, infiltration of inflammatory cells, hyperplasia of the synovial membrane, cartilage destruction, and bone erosion, and it is thought that the local T cell-mediated DTH response to mBSA in conjunction with the presence of antibodies against collagen II gives rise to the arthritic phenotype.

Osteoclasts are also heavily involved in the pathology. A clear profile of cytokines and chemokines associated with these cell subsets is induced locally in the diseased tissue. Furthermore, we demonstrate that disease can be both prevented and treated with compounds approved for the treatment of RA in the clinic. KG, Lage, Germany. All animal experiments have been conducted according to Danish legislation and have been approved by the Danish Animal Inspectorate and the local ethical review board.

Paw swelling was measured by using a dial thickness gage Mitutoyo, Kanagawa, Japan and was calculated as right paw thickness minus left paw thickness. Clinical score results are displayed as the median. The results are representative of at least five experiments.

Histopathological evaluation of DTH arthritis and immunohistochemistry Hind paws were sampled and processed by standard histopathological procedures. For detection of osteoclasts, a histochemical stain for the osteoclast enzyme tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase TRAP was performed. Deparaffinized sections were stained in a TRAP staining solution containing 1. Mary grew up immersed in outdoor sports.

She got a BA in commerce and law and worked in advertising in Melbourne and Sydney but, after the sudden death of her mother, she quit and went backpacking around the world. Today, they live in the palace with their four children, Prince Christian, 16, Princess Isabella, 14, and the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, Since , the kings of Denmark have alternated between the names Christian and Frederik.

When her husband ascends to the throne, he will be the 10th Frederik to do so. Vestiges of formal tradition surround. A footman in white livery serves us coffee in white-fluted cups with bespoke gold rims from Royal Copenhagen. Outside, bearskin-wearing royal guards have put their red overcoats on for the January rain.

I can only admire Queen Elizabeth and my own mother-in-law, the Queen of Denmark, for their lifelong commitment and dedication to serving their country and their people. She has mastered her adopted language and occasionally uses Danish words to express herself. His mother, the Queen, is a larger-than-life personality: a multi-talented artist with a good sense of sarcasm, generous with herself but preserving an almost baroque understanding of duty, ceremony and protocol within her hyper-creative life.

According to a survey by Kantar Gallup, 84 per cent of the country — population 5. Off-duty, the Crown Prince Couple guard their privacy. In , when Oprah Winfrey was in Denmark filming a show, the media mogul confirmed to the Danish press that an interview request had been politely declined.

I was a T-shirt-and-shorts girl, known to go barefoot. She could make ripped jeans look regal! She is absolutely appropriate for the event she is attending, and yet she always looks modern and beautifully relaxed. The comparison is inevitable: especially now when, like the Crown Princess, the Duchess is using her public platform to steer the press attention away from her wardrobe to focus on her other causes.

I look forward to the day that, when I buy a piece of clothing, sustainability is simply a gift with purchase. Some of her causes are obvious, others more controversial as far as the geopolitical landscape goes. Denmark is a strong voice on this issue, and I wanted to lend my voice to the cause.

The Crown Princess has been a diligent student of her calling. In the two years before the pandemic, she undertook more than 20 working trips: she went to Kenya with the gender-equality organisation Women Deliver , to Indonesia with the United Nations Populations Fund and to Ethiopia with the Danish minister for development cooperation. A talented speaker, she delivered passionate speeches at human rights summits, and served as patron for the World Health Organisation.

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