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Athenelive fake cryptocurrency

athenelive fake cryptocurrency

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If you are a regular visitor of this crypto community, you may have known already that i once lost huge sum of money to HYIP scams. As an amateur then, I use to invest in such schemes which projects to me as one of the ways to make money fast online with Bitcoin. Little did I know they were all cryptocurrency scams. Types of crypto scams In this post, you will see the most popular BTC scams you should always try to avoid loosing your funded investment.

Mining cryptocurrency scam Cryptocurrency mining is a specialized activity and requires a huge involvement of financed funds and technicality too yield any substantial profit. They normally use edited images, big profit promises and fake testimonials to convince clients to part with coins; after which they will disappear.

HYIP crypto investment platforms A high yield crypto investment website mostly comes with variety of investment options. Others are just regular persuasive comments on social media pages. They also come with a promise to get a part of the BTC available for grabs. There are also cases of lofty promises for referrals and the unsuspecting victim goes sharing links to other parties in hopes of a big reward. Crypto pump and dump scams These ones mostly happens to day traders, when new crypto-coins are freshly introduced into the cryptocurrency market.

These coins sometimes, may lack the basic features that determines the value of cryptocurrencies. The people behind such crypto projects may use FUDs , or controversies to push the price high, so their own investment can increase. As soon as people starts buying into the coin due to price spike, they will start selling their own stakes in the project, which drastically drops the value. Always do thorough research on any cryptocurrency you intend to start trading to avoid loosing your invested funds due to FOMO most times.

Shit-Coin crypto project scams Shit coin refers to fake cryptocurrency coins, or tokens with no potential for the long term value. This type of cryptocurrency scam tries to convince an investor of the benefits of a relatively unknown coin — asking him to buy the fake project. It is no longer news that most of these projects have either failed, leaving the investors with worthless ICO tokens , or have pulled exist scams.

E-mail phishing and hacks This level of scam is an advanced model which employs tools and behavioural predictability of the victim. These phishing e-mails could have attractive headlines and call to action. They usually send out mail to their victims — telling them that their investments account have been tampered, and they should reset their password s.

Hackers employ similar tactics by trying to break down your defences and security in an attempt to gain access to your cryptocurrency investment accounts. Fake crypto exchanges As Bitcoin has become more popular, people have sought to acquire it. Unfortunately, scammers also take advantage of this to set up fake cryptocurrency exchanges.

Be sure to use a reputable exchange when buying, or selling Bitcoin. I also wrote a review on how to buy BTC using CoinSwitch , without being forced, or tricked into scam. Blackmailing for Bitcoin Be wary of blackmail attempts in which strangers threaten you in exchange for bitcoin as a means of extortion.

The sender says that a key logger has been installed and that your web cam was used to record you doing something you may not want others to know about. The sender provides two options, whichare; Send Bitcoins to suppress the material Send nothing and content i sent to your email contacts and across your social networks.

Scammers use stolen email lists and leaked user information to mass-mail thousands of individuals. After paying the "tax," victims were still unable to withdraw their funds. Cryptocurrency is emerging as a common method for scammers to steal people's money for a few key reasons, the report reveals. There isn't a bank or other centralized authority to flag suspicious transactions made with cryptocurrency.

And crypto transfers can't be reversed, meaning that once your money is gone, it's gone for good. How to protect your money from online crypto scammers Be wary of unsolicited requests to join or download investment apps, especially if you don't know or have never met the person inviting you, the FBI says. Take steps to verify an individual's identity before handing over your personal information to them.

Make sure that an app is legitimate before downloading it, too, and confirm that the company behind the app actually exists and offers cryptocurrency services, the FBI adds.

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Athenelive fake cryptocurrency forex robot trader download

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So far, more than 10 Mobile Minigames NFTs have been sold - and the game isn't even that popular yet!

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athenelive fake cryptocurrency

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