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Thrown away bitcoins news

thrown away bitcoins news

He'd meant to throw out the blank one, but instead the drive containing the cryptocurrency ended up going to the local dump in a garbage bag. The Brit threw away the hard drive containing the Bitcoin in thinking it News. Blockchain technology firm ConsenSys will spend $ "I had two hard drives just loose in the drawer and it turns out I threw the wrong one away." By , his Bitcoin was worth $m. CORAL BETTING SHOPS MANCHESTER

Howells is a tenacious individual, someone who prefers to look for solutions rather than wallow in misfortune. After nine years searching for ways to recover the lost loot, the Welsh computer scientist has devised an avant-garde rescue plan and has requested authorization from the local authorities of Newport to carry it out.

What he has in mind is a selective screening of the landfill using robot dogs, a team of human supervisors and a gigantic metal arm connected to an advanced artificial intelligence and image analysis platform. James Howells in front of the landfill that may contain his hard drive.

Howells, in addition to investing in technological instruments, intends to hire experts in industrial dredging, waste management… and even one of the guys who retrieved information from the black box of the spacecraft Columbia, after it disintegrated in All contractors would receive fixed amounts, as well as bonuses if the recovery of the hard drive is successful.

Howells believes that finding the hard drive is perfectly feasible. But the computer simulations that I have carried out suggest that we could finish the task in about 18 months, which would reduce the total cost. They would scan the garbage, sending the images back to a closed television circuit to be analyzed by AI. Howells and his team presented their plant to the Newport city council this summer. British journalist Richard Hammond was present at the meeting and even dedicated a short piece on his YouTube channel to Howells and his crusade.

Newport City Council has so far refused to allow him to dig in the dump for his lost fortune, saying it would be expensive and damaging to the environment. Oh, and Boston Dynamics' robot dogs. Related News 'Crypto-nightmare': Cryptocurrencies 'great for gambling' but lousy as money - expert The proposal is backed by venture capital funding and he hopes the council will examine it in the next few weeks and allow him to search up to , tons of garbage for the missing drive.

The new plan might sound ridiculous, but Howells told Insider it was achievable through "a combination of human sorters, robot dogs, and an artificial-intelligence-powered machine trained to look for hard drives on a conveyor belt". It would take three years. The former IT worker told Insider he had put together a team that featured eight experts, including one who worked for a company that recovered data from the Columbia space shuttle disaster in The plan involves machines digging up the rubbish, with human pickers then going through it alongside the AI machine that will scan the conveyor belt.

A mechanical arm would then pick out any interesting object, Insider reported.

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Man who accidentally threw out a bitcoin fortune offers $70 million for permission to dig it up.

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