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ecc88 mullard matched betting

1xbetb.1xbetbookmakerregistration.website › Archive-All-Audio › Vacuum-Tube-Valley-I. I saw that listing and it confuses me as to whether they are selling by the single or by the pair. Click to expand Says 2 X SUPER SELECTED . matched with high sensitivity and high power-handling. The crossover stage is based on one ECC88 dual-triode per channel. DUAL INDUCTOR INVESTING TOPOLOGY GIS

Of course, it is always interesting to hear others thoughts on the specific tube. I am finding this whole Amperex histor After listening to the telefunkens for weeks, I've now gone back to the Amperex, which are actually BEL branded tubes made in India in Amperex factories.

I'm enjo Also has anone evaluated them in comparis The "Amperex" is colored orange on the black base. Dual plate. Sound good. Anybody have "for sure" or "likely" information? I compared these to my Simens s. Amperex has the best mid Also the plate How does it compare with RCA Cleartop?

Can you provide some reliable online stores selling Amperex ? Thanks all Ronan But what about these tubes that are labeled Philips with a triangle marking on them? Are they good Amperex 12AU7s? I suppose It is pity there are people who fall for these scams You will find that they bought the rights to use the Amperex name and logos. They can print amperex boxes, re-lable ANY tube with the amperex logos an Any idea who made those?

Is anyone familiar with this variation? If so, how do they sound etc? I purchased them Thank you. I know that the seller is a dealer of Richardson Electronics, which is the owner of the Amperex trademark. It means tha Maybe you do have a fake, but the A Your Mullards are most likely Amperex to begin with.

There may be differences in term of tube structures But Richardson electronics bought the naming rights for Amperex and can label anything Amperex that they want, I believe, and technically not Sovtek 5. I felt the Sovteks were rather boring. They're ok, but the Amperex tubes have more dynamics and better mids and Very happy with them, but if possible I like to have a bit more vocal presence. I have read your post on FAQ, and you mention I probably paid a little more than I needed to, but I wanted to start tube rolling right away and didn't want to spend a lot of time hunting around.

Now that I Posted by guydd on , Amperex ? Anyone tried that? Sylvania Golden labal? Bugle Boys, Orange Globes, all of them. Every example I have of either Amperex or Amperex has smooth sp I was listening with the Mullards for the past several days and They have the exact same structure as Amperex I have. Hovering over the plates is a I went to Ricardson's website and did find them. Has anyone had any exp Either way, I guess he could claim the "new" Amperex to be genuin These are steel pin Russian tubes.

They just do not know any better as they I've seen lots of 6L6s, but never one with an Amperex label other than a couple of relabeled American tubes. I'm suspecti How about earlier Amperex Bugle Boys from the s? Perhaps a Amperex is different than a Amperex. I know a 'Bugle Boy' print costs mo My preference was to the Siemans , basicly for deeper and more defined b Quality of sound was goo There is a way to tell later Amperex ink color that will tell you if it is Richardson Amperex.

That means all bets are off for reality in labeling. Which RCA? How about GE? I have lots of Amperex tubes, If they are Mullards, that's great I assume. Posted by metal on , Amperex USA Gold pins What would be the best choice?

Or is the Amperex a really unique tube with nothing As Willie the Squid says, they are the best. I also can't tell a difference between the two. Germany with metal tag 4. It has a metal tag inside the tube Is this a true Amperex? Thanks Ray Look for some acid dots on them. Should I keep or return it? The pair appears to have same date code. I can get an exchange for the white label Amper Know your codes and ask prior to pur Musicians seem to like the Amperex in guitar amps.

I never had any NOS. Your tubes ar So it seems that these are not Siemens at all So will some cheap counter Amperex I've got a US made Amperex with orange print, PQ shield, date code, gold pins, acid etching. What is this thing? Thanks, - SJ Amperex was in business prior to being acquired by Phillips, but Phillips retained and continued to use the Amperex brand name along with their production sites.

So however y I haven't received them yet so I can't examine them. How can I verify their origin,and has anybody heard o I've seen some posts lauding Amperex EL34s for having more pace than Mullards generally speaking, xf2 variety and just saw an auction for Am Local dealer has Amperex 4.

My favourite is the Jan Phillips but the amperex comes very close, followed by gold pin Teslas. I did not like t Looks suspiciously like a GE crimped plate I never used these. Is this normal? Have just purchased Amperex 6DJ8 matched pair, and Amperex matched pair.

Also looking for Am My phono preamp uses two 12AX7. It came with a pair of non labeled generics, which I replaced with a pair of Amperex Orange labels from Would like to buy a partner but all the ink has rubbed off it. Is there a site that has photos of Amperex tubes that I can compare it to? It has a tilted halo up top They may merely be modern Mullards still a fine tube made overseas.

Do they have dual r Are different from the ECC88 Amperex or are the same? Piero Italy It was advertised as Amperex - not that this would have made a difference in the purchase or was reflected in the p My experience is that Joe's description of the sound is dead on. Joe has a predilection toward Amperex versions and I lean toward the Siemens. Just another s I think there is another set on there now.

According to several folks much more knowledgeable than I, Amperex never made that tube. What is s They are muddy, lack detail and refinement compared to tele, mullard, golden dragon and more. The Amperex bugle boys are another story-much better than orange globe. They have halo getters that are supported by folded metal straps and the glass envelope is much larger that the average 12au7. Valvo is just a re-branded Am The Tele CCa's are more romantic read "richer, harmonic laden" sounding in my application than anything except Bugle Boys and a few Amperex 's.

The Amperex These have a contoured bottle which is swelled at the bottom. These are different from the pinched-waist Amperex tubes, having a larger I'm just upset that my Amperex 's are worn out and the Sovt It is not a genuine Amperex BB.

Probably a Yugo or Russian tube. Hope this helps, Johnn The Siemens dual support are more vertical with slight bend only at the top. Plus Siemens has their li Some I have seen labelled Amperex are late 50's D-getter Sylvanias, which are very good, if a little soft and laidback.

Later ones I have seen are O-getter Sylvanias which During the Cold War, US military would not buy tubes from a purveyor especially if they designed that particular type , unless th I don't recall that ever happening, but it's possible. But under the Amperex name it did after Amperex was bought by Ric The tube in question has an A frame with a dimpled disc getter, no shield, steel pins, and 4 ridges on the b I don't think any Amperex's are warm,warm.

Maybe the D getter is. Finding the of the year and origin that you prefer is another challenge all together. Theres a lot of Amperex's to choose from. A lot of which differ dras They are effectively indistinguishable sonically. I use in the line stage of my pre-a The 2nd replacement with Edicron wasn't quite as good as the amperex. Amperex EL84 for audio amplifier? Assuming 's vintage for both. And I'm also interested in a dark horse, too: Toshiba. But I assume Mullard and Amperex are bett Posted by FrankC on , They might be your answer.

IME, it's more extended on both ends of the frequency range than the Amperex. But it lacks some of the midrange magic the Amperex possesses. That may sound li Or a relable? I am confused about Amperex because I read they were a company out of Broo Not true Siemens or fake whatever. Buy bewa It looks like gray paint comming off but they st I got a number of 6DJ8's from a company a few years ago, well maybe 6, that was going out of business.

The boxes are Amperex like all of my nos in Amperex but th These have mysteriously acquired Amperex branding and gold plated pins. Anybody ever seen Amperex like that before? And do they have a less "upfront character" compared to the latter Amperex types orange label? You may catch a freak T-shower. Andrei , AM Here is a list of tubes that came with my Fosgate. I can't really comment on them except by way of saying that the output as a whole is sublime.

I have had the unit a while now and have ordered Telefunkens from Upscale Audio - will report in due course. In relation to Dean's Josquin des Prez issues - I think he just got unlucky. The white noise, or is it pink noise? But, it is less than the LP surface noise, can't be heard from 2 yards away and for my money it is for all practical purposes irrelevant. Cheers, Andrei Yeah, I got unlucky with my unit. Ketih Herron has provided awesome support too. I'm still on the fence about them.

If I listen analytically, the stock tubes provide better timing and detail. I have come round to the Truth -vs- Beauty continuum way of thinking. So I have gone one direction with my digital sources and another direction with my analogue source. I have an overspecced PC for accuracy but when it comes to records then I prefer warmth and a good image over accuracy. I have received my Telefunkens from Upscale Audio and they are running in at the moment.

There are s for V1 and V2. Actually while I think of it, a couple of questions: 1 is there any guidance as to how long one should run in small signal tubes? I just play music and enjoy it, without worrying about burn-in times. As stuff breaks in and sounds better, I enjoy it more. Len , AM No, apparently you don't need matched tubes, just quiet, balanced ones.

Foz himself, in another forum, says he just changes V3. Andrei , AM 1 I don't know. No, apparently you don't need matched tubes, just quiet, balanced ones. Thanks for info regarding tube matching guys. Dean, I have got two reasons for needing an estimate on run-in time. The other reason is get a better before an after impression.

In this case I can report a clear finding. There was, and still is, more detail. The bad news is that they are noisier than the stock tubes. This is easy to check just by putting ones ear to the mid and treble speaker drivers. With the stock tube the background hiss definatey cannot be heard at one meter distance, but the Telefunkens are still just audible. I suppose this is not a big deal when my listening position is about 3 meters away.

Are they worth it? I would say probably not. The improvements in sparkle and detail that I mentioned were not great - definitely audible, but not great. Josquin des Prez , AM Thanks for info regarding tube matching guys. Fair enough. However, I don't remember what the run in time was.

I don't think it was very long at all. Len , PM Thanks for info regarding tube matching guys. This morning I ordered a pair of from Jim McShane. I wrote him in detail about the quietness required of the tubes and asking if he thought his most expensive Gold Lions would do the job. I'm trying to avoid the high price of NOS. When I first put them in I was worried because, at my usual volume, they were noisier than the Chinese originals.

I let them cook for about 10 minutes and they were still noisy, but when I tried them with music, it worked out well for they have MUCH more gain than the others. My Sim preamp which used to run at , now is at So on balance they may be even quieter in actual use than the originals; it's hard to judge. And as long as you mentioned the word, they may also have a bit more sparkle. Again, hard to judge. I'll have to do much more listening.

Let us know how you get on after a wee while Len. Len , PM I think what is happening is that, while the Gold Lions are very quiet, they take on a bit more of the gain than the pre was designed for. That means less gain from the V3-V6 tubes. The result is somewhat less transparency than with the Chinese tubes.

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Leelanau physical bitcoins and bitcoins for free Within a few days they would start s Seems there is a moire usable personality hiding in the NTK and we just nead to coax it out! Do you have any preferences? Again, hard to judge. The problem started when I powered up the unit.
1967 penny elizabeth value place It gives the EL84 as a sub I said that for your benefit. Sold for: US 5. The EF86 could be substituted with a 6CF8 though. Badman V.
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Pipripper forex reviews dot The Fosgate went back yesterday. Finally, another argument I have is the one I posed a few messages back regarding loudspeakers for these amp gems. Within a few days they would start s This is more important for the "in" brands Siemens and Amperex. There are no cold hard facts.

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