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Loyal3 investing review

loyal3 investing review

LOYAL3: The Current Savior Of Long-Term Investors a lot of people have written me, saying, “They've gotten a lot of bad online reviews. Loyal3 is a cool marketing gimmick that allows average Joes and Janes to invest in companies they love and want to own a piece of, without. San Francisco startup Loyal3, the creator of the Customer Stock the discount-brokerage industry that caters to small-time investors. START INVESTING AT 30

It was a free place to buy and sell stock. IPO underwriting was another revenue stream. We know all too well how that dried up. Together they created the ultimate customer loyalty program, giving T-Mobile shares to loyal customers. Who knows how that deal pans out from here update. That must not have generated enough revenue either. Motif splashed in the IPO scene in late with a partnership with J. Perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin for Loyal3 was Robinhood.

The well-funded startup built a phone app-only platform for trading stocks commission-free. Free real-time stock and ETF trading for all equities is far more attractive than batch trades for just 75 stocks at 2 pm every day. Millennials took note and flocked to the Robin Hood platform to buy stocks like Snap Inc. Robin Hood has a lot to prove. Though no commission-free broker has ever survived. But IPO investing is bigger than one broker or deal.

Fewer companies are going public. More are staying private for longer. Large online brokers such as Fidelity and TD Ameritrade will still continue to provide access to IPOs for large account balance customers. You just need to build your account balance before getting access. For one, a new startup called ClickIPO is building a mobile platform on which ordinary investors will participate in IPOs using a smartphone app and their existing brokerage account. If ClickIPO can offer value to the underwriters, the model has legs.

Investors certainly have the appetite. But it looks like they may give it another go. These companies need to show viability and strong business models. Equity crowdfunding is like an initial public offering too. Just not in the traditional sense. Investing in even younger companies is certainly risky, but perhaps the trend will catch on once we see the first juggernaut a la Facebook FB or Google GOOGL come out of it.

It was a simple online broker running a two batch programs each day allowing investors to buy and sell 75 stocks commission-free. It could also handle IPO processing. Most of the big brokerage houses could already do that. But Loyal3 changed how companies should think about IPOs and who can invest in them. Many of us profited from IPOs on the Loyal3 platform.

And for that, we thank Loyal3 for helping small-time investors gain access. In any case, the model was flawed. Fee-Free - There are no fees to buy and sell stocks. No Inactivity Fees - There is no minimum trading activity required to keep accounts active, and no inactivity fees. Auto Investment Plans - You can set up automatically recurring investment plans on a monthly basis. Super Easy Interface - Buying and selling Google stock is literally as easy as googling. Slow Execution - All orders are placed once a day at a set time, meaning the price you buy or sell at could be drastically different from the price you get in actuality.

There is no options trading and no other securities available. For international beginner investors, eToro might be a better choice. Lack of Features - While it is easy, it is also as basic as they come. There are virtually no extra tools, and no research aids.

There are no IRAs or other retirement accounts. Investment Offerings You are strictly limited to blue-chip stocks at Loyal3, specifically around 70 big brands like Amazon, Google, Alibaba, American Express, Facebook, etc.

There are also some IPOs throughout the year, and some follow-ons when companies expand. On the whole, then, Loyal3 is perfect for beginner investors who want to buy and sell the big brand names they trust and love. It is definitely not for advanced-level traders who will find it limiting and will be put off by the lack of securities on offer.

Fees There are literally no fees whatsoever associated with using Loyal3. As for inactivity fees, account minimums, account closure fees, transfer fees, and many of the other fees you might have encountered at other brokerages, forget about them. Loyal3 is fee-free, and that means literally. This is obviously fantastic for stock traders who want to increase the bottom line and do away with pesky fees eating away at profits.

Platform There is no trading platform at Loyal3. Everything is done through the website directly, and buying and selling are so simple that even if you have no experience whatsoever, you will be able to understand exactly what to do within minutes of registering an account. All of that combined with the selection of offerings available makes Loyal 3 a great choice for beginners.

Again, there is no actual platform, and you can buy and sell as if you were shopping online. Suitable for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Trading Process To place an order you will just need to select the company you want to buy or sell and enter the amount you want to invest. You will also need to decide whether this will be a recurring monthly purchase or will be a one-off trade. Once you have done this, you can execute the trade and it will be executed at the designated daily time.

The simplicity of this process is obviously appealing and will make life a lot easier for beginner level investors who may be uncomfortable using advanced trading platforms.

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The history of Loyal3 Loyal3 was founded in June of in San Francisco, California as a private independent brokerage firm. The company faced Wealthfront, SigFig and Openfolio as their major class competitors. They sought to solve the problem of accessibility for everyday investors to IPO stocks.

While it can be a great way to get in on the ground floor of an up and coming new publicly traded company, it can backfire on investors as well, should the company fail to thrive and perform. His assessment is that they took a risky venture and moved it ahead well and even though there were some errors made, they did a lot of things right and for this, they are to be commended. He left the company for personal reasons and was replaced by John Stellato. A spokesperson for the company reported that the change in leadership did not change the business model or the manner in which the company was being run.

Benefits of Loyal3 Loyal3 designed an easy to navigate homepage with features that were easy to use and they even included a video that described the investment offerings that they provided as well as their business model. They included a chart table for fee comparisons along with customer testimonials and customers were given the opportunity to receive email notifications when IPOs became available. The site was educational and the majority of their services were free.

Investing in stock was an easy process and these are the factors that contributed to the popularity of the Loyal3 brokerage firm and helped them to become established as a reputable company. They were remarkably transparent and their website also included help sections and pages which were dedicated to proving thorough and detailed information about their products, which basically were stock shares in the companies for which they brokered sales.

Their target audience was the millennial crowd. Other benefits Loyal3 also offered their clients to opportunity to purchase partial stocks for no fee. Most other firms charge a fee for the process. There was no minimum balance requirement, and continuous trading was supported throughout the entire day with batch trading of the orders from customers taking place once per day.

They also supported the use of a credit card to fund the account, and provided military grade security to guard clients from broker default and illegal activities. Even though the trades are made in batch form, each customer is guaranteed the lock in price that was offered at the time of the trade. Disadvantages of Loyal3 While Loyal3 definitely had some great things going for it, there were also quite a few drawbacks. The firm provided a limited number of the more popular company stock shares and it focused upon initial public offerings.

They did not offer exchange traded mutual funds, nor bonds. In , Loyal3 only partnered with 55 companies to sell their stocks across the stock exchanges. It was difficult for them to establish a large customer base with such limitations.

While it was a limited offering, the major factor that offset this shortcoming is the fact that there were absolutely no commissions charged on trading and no fees associated with their services, for the consumer purchasing and trading stocks. This was the thing that made Loyal3 stand out from the crowd of investment brokers. Nor did Loyal3 charge a fee or transferring your account to another brokerage firm, so in this sense, they were able to build a reputation for being honest and consumer focused.

Who benefited the most from Loyal3? As we reviewed th history of Loyal3 it became apparent that they were certainly different in their approach to offer fee free investing. It is not necessarily a problem if you understand this going in. The second problem is the lack of diversification in building a portfolio around these companies.

Loyal3 might get better over time but for the most part these are consumer discretionary stocks. These are companies that produce products or services in clothing, fast food, entertainment, etc. These can be part of a diversified portfolio but by themselves are very one sided. Loyal3 does not offer any bio-techs, financials, utilities, natural resources, et al.

Some tweaking can be done to get close to diversification but if you plan on opening an account with them and this is your first time investing you make experience some wide highs and lows on your earnings. The third problem is that Loyal3 banks on you being a customer of their IPO program. The program is intended to get young investors or those without much capital involved in an IPO which is often left for the big time investors.

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